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If you change a man, his family will change, too; then his church; and then his community. But it starts with a man, and every man needs to be discipled.

Our Men's Ministries team is passionate about helping men journey closer with Christ through a lifelong discipleship process. We do that by:

1. Facilitating a network, and a growing movement of men who want to lead other men to Christ.

2. Providing opportunities for men to have fellowship and network together at the local level.

3. Connecting men to missions opportunities in the U.S. and overseas.



Do you know who you are in Christ?
What does it even mean to have an identity in Christ?

Discover the various ways in which you are designed and called to be LIKE Christ (or identity with Him), regardless of your past or the questions/doubts you might have about your future.


Men's ministries will help you look at all the relationships in your life, and how God intends for you to speak, act, and lead in those relationships. Even if you didn't get it right in the past, God still wants to use you to bless people in your world right now and in future.


Men need purpose! This spiritual dimension of manhood is a big one. Discover how a man can courageously walk with Christ and fulfill God's plans for him. Get ready to learn, grow, and develop into the man God needs in your family, church, and community!


You've waked with God and grow into a man of faith! Great! Now, in the legacy stage of life, you need to think about how you're leading others on the discipleship journeys that will change their lives. What's your VISION? What will be your legacy? Will you finish well? These lessons will help you explore those questions.


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