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Sunday School
Children Reading the Holy Bible



Christian Education is the major teaching ministry of our local church. Designed for all ages, it  focuses on various biblical topics for the spiritual growth of those who attend.


The teaching ministry's emphasis is on bringing the people of this community and surrounding territory under the word of God; to win them to Christ as their personal savior; to build them up in the faith and lead them into taking their places in the worship fellowship of the church. 



There is no reason to choose between kids having a blast and a robust Bible-based program. 

Don’t spend another moment wondering if the Word of God is getting into the hearts and heads of the children.

Kids will have fun and increase in Bible knowledge at the same time.


This resource is great for helping kids learn God’s Word and build a faith that lasts a lifetime. 


Bible Study Group


Our Christian education classes for teens is focused on building a stronger teen through engaging topics of interest to them. Our interactive teaching approach encourages teens to explore the Bible and its relevance to their lives in an enjoyable and meaningful way.

Study Group


One of the primary benefits of Christian education for adults is that it helps individuals deepen their relationship with God. By studying the Bible and other Christian texts, adults gain a deeper understanding of God's character, his plan for their lives, and his love for them. This deeper understanding can lead to a stronger faith and a greater sense of purpose and direction in life.

At Calvary, our Christian education for adults also provides practical benefits. For example, many Christian education programs offer training in areas such as leadership, communication, and conflict resolution.


These skills can be useful in both personal and professional contexts, helping adults to be more effective in their relationships and careers.

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